Lucky there’s a Family Guy

Hey, I was just talking to a friend and he told me this crazy rumour about “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane. It seems that every morning after Seth wakes up, he pours himself a big mug of black coffee, which he then pours down the sink. He repeats this two more times before he pours a final cup to drink. Now, the reason he does this is apparently on the day Fox signed on for the first season of “Family Guy,” Seth spilt three cups of coffee because he was so nervous before the meeting with the Fox management. Now he does it every day for good luck!

And after he’s finished his cup of coffee, he goes down into the second, hidden, basement of his Hollywood mansion. There, he sacrifices a puppy on the black alter of his dark master. And when Seth dies at the height of his popularity, with 37 shows on TV, and at the ripe age of 666, the Devil himself will transport his body on a sled made from the bones of history’s greatest villains to the bowels of hell. And once he’s there, he will burn constantly on a pillar of black flame until the end of days.

And I was like “Seth MacFarlane? Doesn’t he have a third animated show coming out, starring Family Guy third-runger and all-around bland nobody Cleveland?” but my friend, having spoken aloud the name of the great deceiver, lay crumpled on the ground, eyes boiling in his skull.

Pretty crazy rumour, huh?

  1. I can’t wait for that awful Cleveland show!

  2. ahhh…i thought there was something amiss..

    well glad to know i’m not the only one who thinks he has Mephistopheles by his side and yeah I can’t wait for Cleveland’s show as well, is it still going to feature the same son though, that one who’s perpetually on ritalin?

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