Monthly Archives: November 2009

Never Gonna Be Alone

Wow! Have you seen the latest Nickelback video for “Never Gonna Be Alone“? You haven’t? Oh man, it’s amazing. The video opens on a young woman on her wedding day. She arrives at the church, and makes her way to the alter to meet her future husband. As she turns back to look at her loving mother and father, we flashback in time to all the important moments of her life: graduating from university, high school prom – even her first bike ride! Each moment, her father is there for her. It’s awesome that he could be there for all the important moments of her life.

Then, we cut to her again, but as a young girl, attending her dad’s…. funeral? What the fuck! Holy shit, her dad is a motherfucking ghost! He’s been a ghost all this time! I have literally never been more surprised. Even the time when I watched Nickelback’s other video “Someday” and it turns out at the end that the Boyfriend that you thought was alive all along is also ghost! This was way more surprising, because I didn’t think anybody would be lazy and shitty enough to do exactly the same stupid video twice. Jesus christ. You have no idea what a strain it was to pretend I thought this garbage was amazing for two paragraphs.

A while ago, my friend Peter Lynn came up with an awesome way to annoy Nickelback lead singer, Chad Kroeger, by calling him Chad Nickelback. Seeing this terrible video inspired me to do this:

That little moustache you’ve got going on there is fucking gross, Chad. Also, if I was a female, I imagine that after looking at your picture, I would find my vagina clean and refreshed. That’s how douchey you look.