Iron Man

I just got back from seeing an advance preview screening for Iron Man. In two words? Fucking amazing.

This is by far the best superhero movie I’ve seen since Batman Begins. I may, in fact, like it more because it has a robot suit in it, and that robot suit is so well thought out, designed, and modeled/animated that it makes everyone who green-lit the visuals in Transformers look like giant assholes.

When Iron Man gets hit, he moves like he’s a giant metal suit getting hit by something. When he takes off, flies, and lands, he looks like what a metal suit would look like doing that. He doesn’t float through the air like he’s made of tissue paper and twist-ties like 90% of the shitty animation that accompanies modern movies.

Robert Downey Jr. is so believable as Tony Stark, it’s one of things that seems like it couldn’t get any more perfect. Not only does he bear a striking resemblance to Whilce Portacio‘s rendering of Tony from back in the late 1990s, but he’s a fantastic actor as well. The evolution of the character through the movie is seamless.

If I had to put hard numbers to it, I’d say that Iron Man was about one hundred times better than the Spiderman movies. Not just because I find Toby Maguire’s toady little face obnoxious beyond belief, but I know that I will never be bitten by a radioactive spider and gain super powers. I may, however, one day own a robot suit. Robot. Suit.

  1. This whole post reminded me of your review of “The Matrix: Revolutions” on Bad Craziness, which I actually went to the trouble of digging up. Hope you don’t mind me posting a bit of it here.

    “How is what happens in Revolutions ANY different from the concept of Neo in the first place? How the shit can he control stuff in the Matrix? Magic powers? It’s non-sensical. The whole concept of the Matrix is non-sensical in the first place. It’s totally broken from a pure physics point of view.

    “The whole series is, a someone at work put it ‘a superhero kung-fu movie.’ Some dudes get their asses kicked, some girls get their boobs worked in a BDSM club and then some stuff gets blown up, and then I stood up in the theatre and yelled ‘Fucking right, yeah!'”

  2. I agree. I totally enjoyed it. I was seriously disapointed with Transformers too. We see eye to eye.

  3. I don’t even know my own work email, sorry, here it is.

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