Monthly Archives: April 2008

New NiN

A new Nine Inch Nails single was released this week. The song’s titled “Discipline” and you can download it directly (for free!) from the official NiN website here. If you liked “Year Zero” at all, you’ll love this.

The Magic of Building a PC

The final piece to the PC crashing puzzle lies not in faulty memory, or Windows Vista, or bad drivers, but in an overly complex PC case. That’s right, several important pieces of the computer were being shifted out of place because the case has a hinge with too much give. Now that all the cards are seated properly, everything looks good and Bioshock doesn’t crash every 5 minutes.

Pics and more when I’m not at work until 1am…

New PC

I’ve spent the better part of a week assembling a new PC and trying to get the stupid thing stable enough to use. I was originally going to title this post “fuck Vista” but it’s not Vista’s fault. It’s the fault of every manufacturer who still doesn’t have stable drivers out for Vista more than a year later. And there’s a lot of them – the only thing that’s worked out of the box has been the sound card.

I can’t get any game to run for more than 20 minutes under Vista,  so forget it. I’m nuking the HDs and going back to XP. I may write another post later about the process of shopping for PC parts, and putting them together, but it might depress me.