Hey, check out what M got for Christmas! The Lego Ultimate Collector’s Millenium Falcon. It’s the biggest kit Lego has ever made, at over 5000 pieces. Last year, she got me the Death Star II, which was 3400 pieces, and that took about 15 hours to build. So I’m expecting this to be an all-weekend project. It’s becoming something of a tradition to build some massive Star Wars Lego object. Last year was the Death Star, the year before that an AT-ST, and I think I assembled the Tie Fighter and X-Wing a few years before. The Ultimate Collector’s and Creator series are really the closest to my earliest experiences with lego. Very few fancy parts to overly simplify the building process, which means you get massive amounts of reusable pieces for making your own creations.

This is it after removing the shipping container.And here’s what it looks like after about 2-3 hours of sorting and preparation. I’m timing this based on watching David Spade’s “Take the Hit” and Eddie Murphy’s “Raw” back to back. I think I watched an episode of Naruto in there as well. Apparently, if you’re in the States, you can watch the entire show of “Raw” for free on Hulu.com, so that’s pretty cool. Anyway, back to the building.

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