Gone for a minute, then I’m back again

I’m off to Mexico for a week, which is my first real vacation in 7 years. I’m a little nervous about leaving work, which is partly why this is my first vacation in 7 years. The last time I took time off work, it was to help A. renovate the basement. Yeah, I know how to show a lady a good time!

It looks like I picked the right time to take a break, as it’s now dumping ten feet of slush outside the house. That’s going to make it a little interesting to drive to the airport. Hopefully when I get back I won’t have 80 spam comments for Russian MP3 sites fucking up my blog.

  1. I hope Mexico was great Dave. While you were gone, Matej and I saw a movie you have to see. It’s called”Air Guitar Nation” and as soon as we left the theatre we look at each other and said “Now that’s a movie for Soapy.”

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