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Shanks for the Memories

Assassin’s CreedI’ve spent the last two days of my Christmas vacation playing Assassin’s Creed for the 360. Set in 1191 AD, you play an assassin named Altair, trying to earn back the respect of your guild by carrying out various deeds in several historically-accurate ancient cities. So far I’ve explored the poor sections of Damascus, Acre, and Jerusalem via their rooftops, alleys and sidestreets while avoiding annoying beggars, saving beleaguered citizens and shanking the shit out of guards with my wrist-mounted, spring-loaded dagger.

Assassin’s Creed features a fairly ground-breaking new gameplay mechanic, derived from Parkour and or free-running whereby Altair can grab most any surface and pull himself over it, or jump onto/over it. It makes for a very dynamic-looking game, especially when being chased by a pack of guards as you bound from rooftop to rooftop.

I’m enjoying the game so far – it’s absolutely fantastic looking, and Altair looks like a total bad-ass. The only complaints I have are minor, although they are pretty pervasive.

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3 Year Anniversary

According to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft launcher, this week marks the third year since WoW launched. How did you celebrate? I celebrated by canceling my account!

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GFW Podcast

If you’re into PC Games at all, you should be listening to the Games for Windows Radio podcast. Not only do they frequently have interviews with PC developers, but they also talk about current games they’re actually playing. One of the podcast regulars, Sean Elliott, also does a series of skits. My current favorite is his “Whiskey Nerd” voice, a sample of which is available on youtube*.

This week’s episode has Flagship Studio’s CEO Bill Roper on it, to talk about their new game “Hellgate London”. You might remember Bill Roper one of the early Blizzard games. If you don’t you might recognize his voice as an Orc Peon!

* Ugh, I’d like to embed that, but I need to upgrade WordPress some time, I guess.

Yarr, it’s drivin’ me nuts!

Galiana the Shaman

If I’m not back in 5 minutes… Just wait longer!

Apprehensive of the Box

What’s all this? It appears suspicious.

Contemplating the Box

I am right to be suspicious. This appears to be the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition. How did it get in my house? Puzzling…