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I… Love… Goooooold

So hey, the game went gold. Please look forward to it on August 19th!

And if you have Xbox Live, you can get the demo right now. Holy crap!

An Embarassing Way to Die

On my way home from work today, I noticed the lady behind me driving somewhat erratically. I assume this was because she was eating an ice cream cone at the time. It’s really the perfect food to eat while driving – it has a high potential for falling on your lap, it requires the full use of one hand until it’s finished, and if you’re licking it like a child, your head is tilted at 45 degrees to the road.

I can only assume this was the reason for her poor driving. It could have been anything. For example: extensive brain damage.

Continuing PC Dramases

The latest P05 bios update for my new motherboard seems to have improved the stability dramatically! Unfortunately, I can’t use my newly-stable PC to connect to the Internet on account of my cable getting fried during the previous week of thunder storms.

I’m using the brief periods where I can connect to write and post this update. In a way it’s a good thing, because it lets me focus on the recently released Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3. I’m a pretty huge fan of MGS1 and 2 (and Twin Snakes, of course) but sadly never got around to MGS3. It’ll definitely be hard to try at this point, since 4 is so good and fixes a lot of things that people consider “broken” about the series.

I also picked up Coldplay‘s latest album, Viva La Vida and Tiesto’s newest entry in the “In Search of Sunrise” series, “In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia.” I always enjoy a lot of Coldplay’s songs, but this latest album is fantastic throughout, especially in the last half. “Life in Technicolor” reminds me of something that Bloc Party would do (although I suspect it has more to do with producer Brian Eno), and you can definitely hear the influences of Blur in “Yes.”

In Search of Sunrise is also good, although I don’t think it has any standout tracks like the Gabriel & Dresden remix of Way Out West’s “Mindcircus” from In Search of Sunrise 3: Panama. At least it plays like an actual trance CD, unlike Armin Van Buuren’s Imagine. If you haven’t seen the video for “Going Wrong” yet, I highly recommend it! It answers the question “What if you tried to make a boy band video with one boy, no budget and a blue screen?” The funny thing is that they’re blue-screening the streets of some Mediterranean city. You guys are European. You couldn’t fly to Ibiza for a weekend? The whole thing looks like it was cut together on a Sega Saturn.

I has a Release Date

In case you haven’t been keeping up, Too Human has a release date now: August 19th, sirs! Which explains why I have been incommunicado for the past five weeks. We’ve been very busy putting the finishing touches on the game to get it ready for release.

And now that we’re winding down I have time to upgrade this blog to 2.5.1 and change the theme a bit.

The Magic of Building a PC

The final piece to the PC crashing puzzle lies not in faulty memory, or Windows Vista, or bad drivers, but in an overly complex PC case. That’s right, several important pieces of the computer were being shifted out of place because the case has a hinge with too much give. Now that all the cards are seated properly, everything looks good and Bioshock doesn’t crash every 5 minutes.

Pics and more when I’m not at work until 1am…

New PC

I’ve spent the better part of a week assembling a new PC and trying to get the stupid thing stable enough to use. I was originally going to title this post “fuck Vista” but it’s not Vista’s fault. It’s the fault of every manufacturer who still doesn’t have stable drivers out for Vista more than a year later. And there’s a lot of them – the only thing that’s worked out of the box has been the sound card.

I can’t get any game to run for more than 20 minutes under Vista,  so forget it. I’m nuking the HDs and going back to XP. I may write another post later about the process of shopping for PC parts, and putting them together, but it might depress me.


Not only is it my birthday tomorrow, but it’s also the day the movie Doomsday opens. And it just so happens that Doomsday is the handle I used to use back when I played LAN games of Descent with my friends.


GDC 2008

I just got back from a week in San Francisco, attending the 2008 Game Developers Conference. Our flight got back at 6am, so I’ve been sleeping most of the day, trying to recover. This was the first time I’ve been to SF for any significant amount of time, and last time I was here I didn’t get to see around the city that much. It’s a pretty amazing place – the streets and sidewalks are so wide, and everything seems so well maintained. Walking around Union Square, I saw all the fashions I see on TV and wonder “who would ever wear that?” Well, I guess the answer is “people who don’t live where it snows.” I can’t imagine how the average person lives in the city, since it’s so fucking expensive though.

Cable Car

Bad Touch

Dear Apple Motherfuckers,

Why are you sending me an email telling me you’re now making a 32 gig iPod Touch? You know I bought a 16 gig Touch from you in November, as evidenced by you sending me the email to the account I used when I registered said 16 gig Touch.

Does this new one come with the twenty dollars in applications that you would like to charge me for, or are they free like they are for everyone who bought a 16 gig Touch after January first? Oh, I know the answer is “Nope, haw haw”, I was just fuming about it. What amazes me is not that you are constantly changing your product lines in a ways that generates a burning sensation in all your customer’s pants, it’s that I am always surprised by it.

Yours, Soapbox Preacher

PS: Please eat the poop from my butt. I can’t believe you got me twice on the same product! Jesus Christ!

Down with the Sickness

I’ve been battling some sort of cold for the past week. I thought it was beaten on Thursday, but it seems to be back with a vengeance now. So I spent most of today sleeping and watching movies. I just finished Lost in Translation, which I only watched because I saw Bill Murray in Groundhog Day this morning. I think I like Lost In Translation because it’s just a movie about being. I also think I like it because it’s almost a love story, and there’s something refreshing about that compared to most of the romantic comedy pap that gets made. M and I saw “27 Dresses” earlier this week and it was pretty disappointing for something that should be much better, given the people involved.