Bad Touch

Dear Apple Motherfuckers,

Why are you sending me an email telling me you’re now making a 32 gig iPod Touch? You know I bought a 16 gig Touch from you in November, as evidenced by you sending me the email to the account I used when I registered said 16 gig Touch.

Does this new one come with the twenty dollars in applications that you would like to charge me for, or are they free like they are for everyone who bought a 16 gig Touch after January first? Oh, I know the answer is “Nope, haw haw”, I was just fuming about it. What amazes me is not that you are constantly changing your product lines in a ways that generates a burning sensation in all your customer’s pants, it’s that I am always surprised by it.

Yours, Soapbox Preacher

PS: Please eat the poop from my butt. I can’t believe you got me twice on the same product! Jesus Christ!

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