We just finished watching the DOA movie, which has been talked about among my circle of friends for quite some time. About 2 years, to be precise – half of that spent wondering when the completed movie was ever going to be released to theatres. Perhaps because it’s based on a fighting game famous, not so much for its fighting, but for its female fighters with enormous, wobbling boobs, I was expecting this movie to be terrible. And, I guess, it is.

The problem is… I kind of liked it.

Maybe it’s because it’s similar to Charlie’s Angels, with a cast of ass-kicking girls and nerdish, ineffectual guys who like the girls. Maybe it’s because Corey Yuen, a fairly fantastic fight choreographer was directing. Maybe it was the appearance of Collin Chou, the cooler-than-cool Seraph from the Matrix sequels.

No, it wasn’t any of that. The moment I decided I liked the movie was when Jaime Pressly hit a guy in the head with a reverse-sumersault kick, and it made a noise like a rifle going off.

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