I got my fist, I got my plan, I got Survivalism

I think it was a couple of weeks ago that I first heard there would be a new Nine Inch Nails album this year. And today I heard the first single off the album – “Survivalism“. I heard an interview with Trent Reznor where he said that the new album would be a little different from what people were expecting. I took that to mean we were getting another album like “The Fragile”, which was had a lot of atmospheric/instrumental tracks. “Survivalism” sounds like something a cross between that and “The Downward Spiral”, which bodes well for the new album. On the other hand, “We’re in this Together” wasn’t that indicative of how “The Fragile” sounded. “Survivalism” is pretty good, although it’s nowhere near as catchy as “The Hand that Feeds.”

It’s great that we’re getting another NIN album this soon, although it’s also a reminder for me to how fast time is passing, and how much (and how little) has changed since “With Teeth” came out. I remember my friend D. sending a leaked copy of the album to me, which I took home and played for A. Now both of them have done the smart thing and moved the fuck out of St. Catharines and I’m still here 2 years later. I can barely believe it’s been that long.

Tomorrow I’m going to do my Taxes and clean the house! Can you even believe that? Holy shit, I can’t wait!.

  1. nine inch nails are amazing… have you heard of the websites linked with year zero? the main one is as folows:

    if you go to echoing the sound dot com, there are more than a few up and running forums on these sites….

    rock out…

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