Does anybody else smell that?

Say, does anyone else smell burnt toast?

No? Nobody? I really smell some burnt toast… you used the toaster oven at lunch Rich. Did you burn some toast?

Are you sure? Oh, you didn’t have toast? Hmmm, well someone must have burnt some toast because the whole floor smells like it! Weird.

Okay, can no one else can smell that? It’s like someone burnt a whole loaf of toast. Wow…. so I’m the only one that can smell it? That is so odd.

All right. I’ve had enough of this smell. I’ve got to get out of here. I’m going to go pick up some coffee in my Ford Excursion, does anyone else want some? Jen, Brad, Ken… Seriously! Is someone wafting burnt toast at me, because that is not funny.

Nobody else? Paul? A large regular? Got it. Say Paul – you’re into cars. The brakes on my Excursion seem to require a lot of effort to push, should I get that looked at? I should? Okay, I guess I’ll do that tomorrow…

So no one else wants a coffee? Not even to dunk their burnt toast in? Jesus Christ, I can’t believe I’m the only one who can smell that!

All right, I’m out of here… phonecall? My pregnant wife? What does she want? Just to say hi? Geez, she is so emotional these days, what with the twins on the way. Tell her I’ll be home at six to help her clean the house. It’s the least I can do since she lost her arms in that snowmobile accident.

No, tell her she’s very funny, and I’ll remember where the new house we just co-signed a forty year mortgage for is this time…. For God’s sake, if I find out who burnt all that toast, I am going to be pissed!

Now, where I’d put my keys?….. They’re in my hand? So they are! That’s weird, it was like my arm went completely numb there! Ha ha ha! Weird!

Okay. So coffees for Jen, Brad, Ken and Paul. And I should watch out for the blizzard outside? Well, as long as there’s not a thick coat of snow on my SUV when I get down there that I’ll have to shovel off with my bare hands.

All right, see you all later!

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