Welcome to the Next Generation (Again)

So, I finally got my hands on a Playstation 3. Well, a working PS3. I bought one the Friday before Christmas, but the video DAC was fried, so I had to return it. Best Buy finally got another shipment in, so I went tonight and exchanged my busted one for a nice new one. Everything’s hooked up and working fine. I got to play a little Resistance, which lives up to the excellent standards that Insomniac games has set, and I checked out the BluRay version of Talladega Nights. I have the DVD version as well, so I did some comparisons, and was pretty amazed how much more detail there is in the BluRay.
With the PS3, I have 2/3rds of the Next Generation trifecta. The Nintendo Wii continues to elude me, even as more and more pictures of people gathering in parties having a good time with it surface to taunt me! Now that Christmas is over, it should be a lot easier for people to pick up these systems. The next problem is finding something to play on them. There’s quite a drought until March or so. Although… there is an expansion for this little MMORPG coming out this month – perhaps you’ve heard of it?

Track of the day: Show me what you Got – Jay Z

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